DKE’s Strategic Vision set in motion initiatives that have positioned DKE to support Colgate’s achievement of its Third Century Plan. More to come on this!


We recognize that Mu’s fortunes are intimately tied to Colgate University’s future. We believe our alumni organization is a valuable member of the Colgate community and should have a recognized undergraduate chapter at the University. We make each other stronger. Our plan for the future is based on this foundational understanding of the relationship between Mu and Colgate.

Our mission is to have an undergraduate chapter at Colgate that will share in our history, traditions, and the Mu experience. If our goal is to have an undergraduate chapter, we must maintain a strong and active alumni brotherhood that will be ready to support this undergraduate chapter when it is recognized by the University. If and when Colgate welcomes new fraternities to campus, we want Mu of DKE to have earned its place at the front of the line and have an alumni organization capable of supporting our undergraduate brothers as they deserve.

Having a strong and active alumni brotherhood that is engaged with Mu and Colgate will help us accomplish our mission. We want to be the most engaged Colgate alumni organization in Hamilton and build goodwill throughout the community. In addition, our brotherhood will continue to grow because unaffiliated alumni will want to join an active, recognized Greek alumni organization that continues to live its values and connect its members to each other and to Colgate.

This integrated approach stresses involvement and responsibility, addressing all key facets of creating and sustaining a high-performing, values-driven fraternity that makes material positive contributions to its brothers, Colgate University, Hamilton, and the world. We aim to strengthen the understanding of our history to move forward and make good on our responsibility to future Dekes.