Colgate (Mu) History by Grant Burnyeat
(DKE International Historian)

Reminiscences of George Arrowsmith – 1893



50 Years of Mu of DKE (ie “The Red Book”) – Text



December 1921 – The Mu Link (Alumni News Letter)



12.15.81 Oneida Dispatch Article re Mrs. Whitney

10.23.84 Bro John Hubbard (Hubbs) Article on Mrs. Whitney

12.12.84 Maroon News – DKE Violence Hospitalizes Four

01.21.85 Colgate Sanctions


1990s – Lawsuit Against Colgate, Moving the Temple

07.04.93 JR Wilson Confidential Memo re Colgate Trustees

02.26.96 Wolfenden Letter to JR Wilson re Temple

11.15.96 Yale Club Event Invite

04.13.97 Alumni Letter re Reunion

03.15.99 Alumni Letter re Derek Sanderson


2000s – Willow Drive Accident; Suspension and Rebuilding; New Vision for Residential Education Lawsuit

04.02.03 Letter to Alumni

12.11.03 Brother Cleaning List

04.12.05 FACT Press Release

04.21.05 Colgate response to FACT

04.26.05 Dean Weinberg Response to SFD

05.11.05 Colgate Response to SFD

05.17.05 Memorandum of Law re NVRE

Jackastor Rules 2004-2005

10.28.05 Lawsuit (2)

11.24.06 SFD Affidavit

Final draft purchase offer DKE Chapter House August 3, 2009


2010s – Sale of the Pierce Memorial; A Growing Alumni Fraternity

05.20.11 DKE International Letter to Colgate re Underground

Fenner Property Purchase Correspondence (2)

Outline for Tribute to John Wilson – Wilson Family Library

Colgate DKE Endowed Scholarship Report 2013

2014 Colgate DKE Endowed Scholarship Recipient

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