A brother dead and brothers mourning

Fill the heart with grief today,

And the earnest grasp fraternal;

Speaks, “A dear one passed away.”

Yes, no longer we shall greet thee

In the halls of DKE,

Yet thy name in sweet remembrance

Graven on our hearts will be.

We have parted, Brother, parted,

As we trust, to meet again,

In a full unbroken circle, Free

from sorrow, grief and pain.

Dauchy Migel ’35

Robert Blackmore ’41

Fred I. Sharp ’42

George M. Platt ’45

Howell R. Wood Jr. ’45

Robert H. Anderson ’46

Leonard J. Matteson Jr. ’46

Edward C. Krebs Jr. ’47

John Timmins ’47

Walter T. Cowie ’48

Birger T. Johnson ’48

Peter Leyden III ’48

Gordon Fish ’49

Jay B. Goerk Sr. ’49

Charles T. Lanigan ’49

Charles K. Wagner ’49

Richard Duvall ’50

Stuart Miller ’50

John Motsch ’50

Thomas B. Patterson ’50

Robert M. Barker ’51

Ernest R. Braun III ’51

Ralph N. Coxhead ’51

Guy W. Spader Sr. ’51

Charles L. Carrier ’52

George B. Cowper ’52

William G. McDermott ’54

Robert B. Busby ’55

Thomas H. Anderson ’56

Howard W. Braun ’56

David A. Houghton ’56

Benjamin C. Patt Jr. ’56

Daniel H. Underwood ’57

Donald R. Kiefer ’58

Clayton B. Parsons Jr. ’58

Robert Stemmermann ’58

James C. Spring ’60

David G. Doyle ’61

Gregory J. Notte ’62

James T. Klein ’65

John Blackmore ’68

Anthony Santa Croce ’69

Ronald E. Carrigan ’73

Walt Scholfield ’78

Carl Padovano Jr. ’79

Thomas J. Steer ’84

Marc Block ’89